Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Arrogance = Downfall

Two recent incidents have fortified my belief that Downfall definitely follows Arrogance!
The no.1 Test Team of the world thought that they can sleep walk and still retain their ranking. Solid hammering by England must have blown away many egos and perhaps shown them that you have to work harder to retain the Top Slot.
They reached England after having tough time against not-so-fancied West Indians and after only a 3-day tour opener, they walked straight into Test matches against a side who preferred to miss many a lucrative opportunities and focused on dethroning India.
Contrast this with their last tour Down Under, where they reached much in advance, took time to get acclimatized and prepared to win the tough tour.
The lesson is clear, you have to keep on working hard, sharpen your skills, out-think and out-play opposition.
You cannot just rest on past laurels and whenever you get free time either take rest or practice instead of giving those precious hours to sponsors.
The second instance is the way UPA government has handled Anna-Ramdev-Anna recently.
While on ground all democratic norms have been totally overlooked, it is the blatant ARROGANCE of all UPA spokespersons in Media that has pained me a lot.
They seem to have forgotten that we are still a democracy and that they have been elected by us to ensure our welfare and not fill their own coffers.
The second innings of UPA and lack of credible opposition has led them to believe that they are the SUPREME POWER and the only option available.
All their spokespersons come with a distinct agenda which they follow blindly and ruthlessly. In most of the debates they either have got into tiffs with others or have used un-parliamentary language or have rebuked the correspondents.
What they have not done is to provide their voters correct and consistent information. Their stance swings like a pendulum.
With their arrogant behaviour, they now seem to have lost all respect for all democratic institutions and come across as clearly unprepared and as a party which thinks MIGHT IS RIGHT.
While our Cricket team ruled only for 20 months, it will be interesting to see when ARROGANCE will show similar fate to UPA.