Monday, 21 May 2012

Yeh Hai IPL Meri Jaan!!

'Problematic', 'International' -IPL is accumulating names and controversies like never before.
IPL- V  is making headlines with fixing,rave parties,molestation,brawls etc.The fact that this has been the most closely fought IPL has been completely overshadowed.
We have seen brilliant stroke play,excellent fielding,some eye opening spin bowling from a West Indian and many matches getting decided in last over of the game - what more can a viewer / cricket lover ask for?

Alas,what is happening inside the stadium (during matches) is not spicy enough for the media to get eye balls and TRPs.The action on the sidelines and out of the stadium has created enough din that our politicos are clamouring to ban IPL.
By that logic we should ban Bollywood -as it has enough brawls,sensationalism happening across the year.And also state assemblies where members have been caught watching porn.What about the regular brawls happening in parliament and assemblies - where furniture and mikes are thrown at each other.

I am not,for a moment suggesting that these controversies emerging out of IPL- V should be pushed under the carpet.We must investigate and roll out justice as per the law.

What my piece is intending to elaborate is the gains from IPL:

1.IPL has packed a 2 months -3 hour entertainment capsule which comes free to millions of TV households.Just imagine the happiness it brings to those in remote areas who have no entertainment options.
2. It has brought the female folk into the cricketing fold.I have seen many females in the stadiums learning the nuances of  cricket during IPL matches.
3. Just imagine the business and job opportunities IPL generates for numerous people be it aviation,hospitality,security,branding,entertainment,retired cricketers,umpires...the list is never ending.
4. It brings into focus the unknown talent from India and abroad. Shane Watson,Shaun Marsh,David Warner,Pollard and so many other cricketers got into their national teams through IPL.
Our lesser known players who have graduated from Ranji trophy are sharing dressing room with the best in the world,the sharing of experience would do their confidence a world of good.
Today a Chris Gayle is not bothered whether he is selected for West Indies team as IPL,BPL etc.keep his bank account comfortable.Scott Styris has opted out of New Zealand  team citing depresssion but he is happy battling for Pune Warriors.
There are so many national and international retired cricketers who are turning out as commentators.Many deserving cricketers who are not being considered for national side have got an extended run -courtesy IPL(Murali Kartik,Sourav Ganguly,Balaji,Mithun Manhas to name a few).
5. IPL is contributing to social causes and has created a special fund for their benefit.
6.It has put Indian Tourism on World map.The matches being broadcast live in so many countries where people get a glimpse of India and are potential tourist.Word-of -mouth publicity is also being derived from the foreigners touring India for IPL.In a way IPL is helping Government in showcasing India to the World.
7. But the most important benefit arising out of IPL is of psychological nature.Now through IPL India is employing foreigners - cricketers,umpires,commentators,technicians,entertainers,cheer girls etc.The world is now looking at India with the same respect as we do to our employers.
The same cricketers who earlier used to shirk from touring India citing lack of facilities and lack of hygiene as the reason are now going ga ga on TV about beautiful stadiums,world class facilities,warm people which
is creating a positive outlook across the globe for our country.
This psychological change could never be brought about by any authority / body even after spending billion of dollars.

To conclude,let's salute IPL for all the positives and not blindly ask for it's ban but try to put check and measures to reduce the negativities.

Also,just look inwards before asking for a ban on IPL!