Monday, 28 November 2011

Getting Personal

I have always been in a quandary on how personal I should get with others and also vice-versa.

Getting personal with others for me implies to first put them at ease, bring them on the same plane and then talk on one-to-one basis.

On the other side,if people get very easy with you, they start taking you casually and forget the fine line dividing personal and professional relationship.

One thing I personally abhor is while getting personal, shallow people start attacking others for what they feel that 'others' lack and they have in abundance.

A supposedly stinking rich person with half baked education and values has no right to put down another person in his close circle by commenting negatively on their 'purchasing power'.

Similarly,all these so-called 'plastic beauties' who spend lakhs on enhancing their photogenic features, at times trash others for being so 'plain looking' or for repeating their dresses!!

But friends, Getting Personal is not only about negativity, it has lots and lots of positives-only the 'touch' has to be really 'personal'.

I have few simple examples from my daily life which i practice repeatedly because of the RESULTS of personal touch.

The formula is very simple-just start giving NAMES to all the faceless people you meet through the day and you will feel the difference.

I venture out of my home at 6.15 am and am greeted by a loud NAMASKAR by the colony guard and Street cleaning guy; I reply with equally vociferous NAMSKAR...their name and add kaisey ho aap?
The smile lights up their face, i am treated as royalty and street in front of my home is much cleaner than others.
Recently I had booked a Radio Taxi and got customary message from operator giving cab and driver's details.As soon as the driver called,I greeted him by taking his name and believe me I got so much respect through my 45 minute journey that cannot be bought by paying huge tip also.

If we know our boundaries, Getting Personal is an experience we surely will cherish for ever!


  1. I was wondering how long you'd be able to resist writing about this! The inspiration is back I see :)

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  3. We just need to treat humans as humans and see the magic flow :-)