Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Indian Democracy - Tolerant or Weak?

We feel so good and proud when we are called the world's largest democracy.Many recent developments have raised certain questions - is our democracy alive and kicking or just an excuse!

Our democracy is tolerant when we play host to Afzal Gurus and Kasabs for more than a decade and are still undecided on their future because of vote bank politics.
We are  'Democratic' and use only Diplomatic channels of Talks and Negotiations even after being repeatedly kicked and abused by all our neighbors ( size of country doesn't matter to us).Our neighbors provide safe haven to all offenders against our country and also ensure that supplies of arms and ammunition is never interrupted for anyone who is willing to take on our Republic.
Every time a news item reports such deals,it is followed by pictures of our PM or FM exchanging pleasantries with leaders of such we are (of course) a largehearted democracy.

Our never-ending legal processes and weak-kneed responses have categorized us as a nation where you can get away with anything.We always hide behind our so-called 'Democratic Legal process -where law takes its own course'.

But all is not lost,we also have a very strong and intolerant side to our Democracy.
We suddenly change colors if anyone dares to attack the MOST POWERFUL FAMILY.
The whole government machinery gets activated super-fast and harassment process starts immediately.

CBI,Income Tax and all relevant departments start working overtime to dig out cases against such 'Offenders'.

We also start banning Social Media sites and also take strong offense against Public Debates on trivial issues like 'Corruption'.
In our Democratic system any debate outside Parliament is considered as 'Insult' and 'Dangerous' to democratic institutions.

All this leads to an apt and simple graphic representation of the situation.
Just go back down the memory lane and recall the old poll symbol of Congress party...yes Cow with calf.

Now a days we are using all undemocratic measures to protect this 'old and dated' symbol of the ruling party!

Our democracy -thus is very flexible besides being the largest.

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  1. Sadly, the only way to get any attention in this country is to take a jab at The First Family! On the humorous side, if we released a bogus NCR tour schedule of THE family, you think MCD would clean things up?!