Monday, 23 April 2012

Fame at any Cost

One disease that’s spreading like wild fire is ” F 20”. Don’t get me wrong…it means Quick Fire FAME like T20 Cricket.

With Media spreading it’s tentacles and creating IMMEDIATE IMPACT, every Tom, Dick and Harry is using it as a short cut to make a mark in his / her profession.

Be it a politician, aspiring actress, sportsperson – no one is interested in working hard for success.

Media has created prominent politicians – who have to deliver controversial comments without bothering about the impact on the already sensitive social fabric.

Aspiring actresses happily pose half-nude and claim to go all the way if Indian Cricket team wins the cup, get splashed in media so much that a producer is encouraged to make a full movie on her life!!! What contributions has that new face made for Indian cinema or socially to deserve a full length feature film on her life? Think only that producer or Media has an answer for this.

Same is the story in Hollywood also. The aspiring actresses/models/singers walk into a party wearing sensational clothes, accidentally release their videos ( meant for private viewing) on internet and achieve instant stardom.

If Media doesn’t come to cover you, Twitter is the new medium to garner headlines. Make controversial comments, post your private pictures and Media will do the rest.

While people with substance do not resort to such tactics, it is new breed of hollow people who are manipulating the Media for their benefits and successfully so.

My simple question to our learned Media friends is that what is the credibility of such persons to deserve so much of coverage; and isn’t it the media's responsibility to project outstanding contributions rather than wasting paper and air time on hollow creatures.

I guess market dynamics have a major role to play, otherwise whole of India would have heard of Anna’s social contribution much before his Lokpal agitation!!

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  1. Today's world people doesn't have enough patience, they just want everything to be done in one night... and it is rightly said here... they use the biggest tool of today's market i.e. Media to get it done......