Thursday, 14 July 2011

Atithi Devo Bhava - the Kasab Version

While Kasab celebrated his b’day yesterday, hundred of India families mourned over the loss of their own.

It was another BLACK day for our country.

The triple blasts not only shook India but reaffirmed the fact that weak nations get beaten up repeatedly- as there is no fear of retaliation.

For politicians- it was an extended day in the office where they dug out the repetitive sounding statements issued for previous such blast.

What will be their course of action now? I’m sure your guess is as good as mine. The predictable actions can easily be categorised as below:

Stage 1: They will mourn, sympathize, visit hospitals.

Stage 2: They will issue stern warnings to perpetrators of heinous crime from across the border which “we will not tolerate at all”.

Stage 3: Cancel all bilateral dialogues, no more cricket fixtures between two countries.

Final Stage: After a slight nudge from U.S.A, we will come back to the discussion table – after all we are a mature nation and want peace with neighbours.

Next in line are News Channels. For them it is great fodder - TRP’s are rising, business seems good – lots of BREAKING NEWS & Panel discussions (there was a dearth of masala after train accidents recently).

But the tightest slap to our mental fabric has been delivered by our honoured Atithi –Kasab ji. He has now celebrated almost 4 b’days in India.

His presence on Indian soil is a rude reminder to us that we are incapable of taking any action.

Just compare India to a relatively small country like Israel. Any terrorist incident against them is swiftly and effectively retaliated. Its neighbours/ enemies think million times before even planning any misadventure in Israel.

My appeal to our respected rulers is to ACT and act SWIFTLY because ACTION is the only deterrent to terrorism. Otherwise in future also our government will only be repeating its actions from Stage 1 to Final stage – as elicited above in this blog.

Jai Hind!


  1. Happy Birthday 'Kasab'....!!! You are 3 years old now. U can continue to be our guest....India loves you darling..."Atithi Devo Bhava" Your stay expenses are on us...Your lawyer is free...You have more security than 99% of Indians & foreigners...Promise we will interrogate you as long as you live & breathe....

  2. Yatin-this is sad but true!