Friday, 1 July 2011

Losing yourself-Mid Way!

Middle age is the most interesting and most exacting time in anybody's life.It is the stage when you have reached a level professionally and to sustain it- requires more effort and time than it is required to reach that level.And if you are in Service Industry...with ever demanding clients and increasing competition you end up spending more time at work.

At this stage you also have aging parents,growing children and ever growing dhobi list of your wife.

Days,months fly by around the four pillars of your life...parents,children,wife and clients...nobody is ever satisfied-whatever you may do.Add this to ever complaining list of relatives who will always comment that you don't even call them

So,in this whole scenario where are you positioned? You find no time for yourself,for your interests/hobbies.finding yourself lost at the supposed prime of your life.


  1. Well what I feel is that when u reach such a stage professionally and personally then u need to prioritize stuff.As a professional you have to strive to seek challenges so that you don't feel stagnant but at the same time you can delegate the non core issues. Coming to the personal front maintaining a fine work life balance will give you more happiness. As they say in marketing you cannot satisfy all your customers but your top 20% customers will give you 80% of the revenue; similarly in life you cant go n keep all the relatives happy which is not practically possible in todays busy lifestyle but rather you should focus on your core family which has been there in your ups n downs and will support you no matter what.

  2. yeh ek saal
    jawani aur budhaape ke beech ka
    bada bura hota hai....
    Im not sure whether i'm happy or sad to see my friends in the same boat as me...its a small consolation really.
    personally speaking, i lost myself long ago...floundering, gasping for getting a life for myself - trying to find myself by doing things i enjoy, rather than trying to please all around me and focussing on myself. did somebody just insinuate that its selfish to try to do something only to please yourself?

  3. @lotuseater:that is life practically.we all are in the same boat and is reassuring to find that one is not alone!thanks for commenting

  4. so true...
    And, probably the only thing that you constantly do land up doing for yourself in this 'prime-middle-age', is to add layers your middle...

  5. “Middle age is when work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work.”

  6. Hi,
    I just came across this blog. I guess the desire is to find as many like minded, like aged people and accept the fact that although it is a crisis, I am not alone in it. Also together people can convert crisis into challenges rather than fall into the trap of depression.
    With that in mind I have started putting down my thoughts here (
    I guess the underlying thoughts do resonate with yours.