Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sporting Spirit

This headline pained me a lot both as a Sports lover and as a tax payer.

For a nation to be known as a truly sporting nation- it should imbibe a sporting character and also sporting spirit.

We are a country which only rises only to an Occasion (read- International Games hosted by us) and then forgets all about sports after it is over.

I think like all other things - Good and Bad - sporting spirit should start from the TOP(read - PM) and percolate downwards. But the age and profiles of our PM's and his team realistically points out to the state of Sports in our country.

The Government's contribution in sports only comes about through appointing a Sports Minister,while Inaugurating and Closing ceremonies of games,Cricket diplomacy,awarding Arjuna or Padma Shri,ordering inquiries for debacles or when doping charges are levied.

The questions that arise in minds of millions like me are:
  • Is there a Vision?
  • What is the importance that Sports carries in the mind and schemes of our government?
  • What is the basis of allocating budget for Sports?
  • Will Sports continue to be handled by Junior Ministers who neither have experience or passion?
Let's take a closer look at the ground level.Our budding sportsmen are school children.Can you imagine who are the people helping them in laying their foundation for sports.They are people who are there not out of choice but generally because they could not get through to better courses - "doctor",  "engineer" or "IAS". Most of them are highly demotivated and frustrated lot who go through the drill of organizing one Annual Sports day,parades for Republic and Independence days and ensuring discipline in school.

Can they contribute in preparing our medal hopes-I have serious doubts.

With no future in sight in Sports,the parents see a better future in Reality shows on TV and for this reason we see hordes of children with their parents at the auditions of such reality shows.

The only sport that is flourishing in India is Cricket - with zero involvement of Government.The viewers interest ensures the regular flow of money thus helping BCCI dictate to world cricket bodies.

A player need only play at IPL stage to ensure a golden future and the moolah piles in if the cricketer is good looking also.He then gets to endorse brands,can participate in reality shows or even become an expert commentator.

By only setting up inquiry commissions or changing Sports Ministers - we will not be able to compete with the best in the world.
All we need is to imbibe Sporting Spirit and put sports in Top Of Mind of our rulers.

Jai Hind!


  1. very true....
    dis is wht u called a dil se thought ....
    gud gng n keep it up sir....

  2. Yes Yatin,that's the idea.Thanks for your feedback.