Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just a News Item - till it happens with us?

It is time to STOP treating such incidents (click here to read article) as NEWS ITEMS.
As long we are not affected,we at best just pause,sympathize and then move on...is it carelessness or resilience?
Today it has happened with someone, tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us.

Do we wait for tomorrow or assert ourselves TODAY.
If we cannot be present at ICFAI,Hyderabad and join the students legitimate protest-we can certainly support the students who have lost their dear friend.

My earnest request to all the students is to STAND FIRM but remain polite and calm. Do not let your anger hand over the advantage to the callous management of ICFAI,Hyderabad.

Even after paying more than Rs.12 lacs for MBA course if basic amenities are not provided and emergencies cannot be handled:the Management of ICFAI has a lot to answer to the parents of Nihit Sinha.

Their loss can not be demeaned by diversionary tactics of management. Instead of taking concrete corrective actions, the Mangament is suppressing the students and using their contacts to correct the "LOSS OF IMAGE" so that their SHOP (read Institute ) does not looses out on future CUSTOMERS (read Students).

My heartfelt condolences to the parents of Nihit and an appeal to all (including Media) to get the Management of ICFAI and all such Institutes to take IMMEDIATE corrective actions to avoid such mishaps in future.
And the future is not distant but starts from tomorrow.

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